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2001 Hoskin, Slinn Webb
P.M. Hoskin, S.L. Slinn, C.C. Webb,
Reading the past: sixteenth and seventeenth century English handwriting: facsimiles, transcripts & reading notes,
York, University of York, 2001 (III + 19 pp. + [13] p. pl, 30 cm)

1977 Petti
A.G. Petti, English literary hands from Chaucer to Dryden, London, Edward Arnold, 1977 (IX + 133 pp., 29 cm)

1973 (1977) Simpson
G. G. Simpson,
Scottish handwriting, 1150-1650: an introduction to the reading of documents,
Edinburgh, Bratton Publishing Ltd., 1973 (eerste druk, VIII + 140 pp., ISBN 0.85975.002.7)
Aberdeen, Aberdeen University Press, 1977 (VIII + 140 pp., 26 cm, ISBN 0.900015.41.1)

1973 Croft
P.J. Croft, Autograph poetry in the English language: facsimiles of original manuscripts from the fourteenth to the twentieth century, compiled and edited with an introduction, commentary and transcripts, London, Cassell, 1973 (2 delen in cassette, 35 cm, ISBN 0.304.29148 X)

1966 Dawson, Kennedy-Skipton
G.E. Dawson, L. Kennedy-Skipton, Elizabethan handwriting 1500-1600: a manual, New York, Norton, 1966 (IX + 130 pp., 26 cm)

1958 (1966, 1980) Hector
L.C. Hector, The handwriting of English documents, London, Arnold, 1958 (eerste druk, 126 pp, 26 cm)
[?, ?], 1966 (tweede druk)
London, [?], 1980 ( “2nd ed”, 136 pp., 26 cm) [met enige teksten in het Latijn + 1 tekst in het Frans]

1954 Grieve
H.E.P. Grieve, Examples of English handwriting 1150-1750: with transcripts and translations (Essex Record Office publications, 21), Essex, The Essex Education Committee, 1954 (II + 33 pp. + XXVIII p. pl, 25 cm, Part I: From Essex parish records. Part II: From other Essex archives)
[met teksten in het Latijn.]

1927 Jenkinson
H. Jenkinson, The later court hands in England from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, Cambridge, University Press, 1927, 2 delen

1925-1932 Greg, Gilson, Jenkinson, McKerrow, Pollard
W.W. Greg, J.P. Gilson, H. Jenkinson, R.B. McKerrow, A.W. Pollard, English literary autographs 1550-1650,
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1925-1932 (CX pp., losse bladen in portefeuille, 38 cm, Facs. van handschriften, Part I: Dramatists, Part II: Poets, Part III: Prose writers and appendix [Part. IV]: Supplement. Scholars and archaeologists)